BEYOND is a network of organisations based in Leeds and surrounding areas that brings together people with learning disabilities and the arts. We use the social model, where disability is defined by external barriers.

BEYOND works in an atmosphere of cooperation, not competition. We are stronger when we learn from each other.

BEYOND programmes a biennial festival to share and celebrate the creative work of people with learning disabilities.


BEYOND knows that there are many people with learning disabilities with real artistic talent and vision, and many more with great potential.

BEYOND values this work as art, by artists.

BEYOND removes barriers that prevent people with learning disabilities from accessing the art-world as both audiences and artists.

BEYOND believes that creative work produced by people with learning disabilities is relevant to all, and that inclusion of different perspectives in the art-world will lead to new forms of creativity. We defy expectations.


BEYOND shouts loudly about the great quality work that exists. We want everyone to see and appreciate this work, from the general public to art critics and curators.

BEYOND creates opportunities for people with learning disabilities to experience, participate, experiment, grow, exhibit or perform. We work in a way that is open, reflective, and collaborative.

BEYOND supports those who want to develop into professional artists along all stages of their journey.

BEYOND places equal value on the process of making art and the end products: a high-quality process will lead to high-quality art.

BEYOND is helping Leeds become a world-class city for the arts, where diverse forms of practice can originate and thrive.