Learning Disabled Artists in Leeds

Co-Production Team

The co-production team are a small group of artists who supported other artists to share their artwork during the first set of artists on the BEYOND Artist Development Scheme 21/22

Hello, my name is Jem. I love dancing, filming and visual art.

I have worked with Northern Ballet and Yorkshire Dance. I am an artist on the BEYOND Artist Development Scheme and also worked with Northern Ballet on a series of workshops and two performances for the BEYOND Festival in 2018. 

I have been part of the Tetley’s Artist Associate Programme over the past year. I had a screening of my work at the Tetley in February 2022.

My name is Ria and I love art and being an advocate for people who come through the care system or who have a disability.

I work on different projects with Pyramid. I am on the Member’s Council, work on the BEYOND project and am part of the Irregular Art School. I like to work on lots of different projects to make and learn new things in daily life.

I create artwork in different mediums from sculpturing to paintings, I use logos or quotes to explain what I mean, to explain the story of my life and the barriers people with disabilities go through.

Hi, my name is Jenny Robinson. I’m 28 and I am an artist who has a learning disability. 

I do work with Pyramid, BEYOND and also Leeds Rhinos Foundation. I do illustrations for them.

I feel strongly about disability rights and making everywhere accessible for people with disabilities.

I do mostly visual art, digital art and also textured art work. But I like to learn lots of different techniques, I love my mind to be learning new things.

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