There are hundreds of talented artists with learning disabilities in Leeds, producing a fantastic range of art.  Leeds is also home to many organisations focused on supporting artists and/or people with learning disabilities in exploring and developing their creativity, and an associated group of talented individual freelancers who lead that work.

BEYOND is led by a steering group of people with learning disabilities and will showcase work by artists and performers from a wide range of organisations.  This is the first time that a festival led by people with learning disabilities, and which showcases the skills and talents of work by people with learning disabilities, has happened in Leeds.

The different abilities and disabilities of the artists involved in BEYOND brings new dimensions and textures to the body of work you might normally see exhibited in Leeds.  This is work of real quality and interest which calls for a much wider and higher profile.  Whilst acknowledging that participating in creative activity is of personal benefit to the members of all the above organisations, BEYOND will demonstrate that the art itself is important to everyone.  We bring this work to you because it’s good for all of us to see, experience and enjoy it.