Artist Profile: Matthew Watson

Matthew Watson

Matthew Watson is a Leeds based artist working mainly in sculpture, painting and installation. Over the past year, Matthew has been working in collaboration with Lucy Johnson under the project name D3MW. In 2017, they were commissioned by Arts Council England to embark on a year-long project, for Matthew to explore his practice as a solo artist with support from Lucy at Pyramid of Arts. Beginning with an interest in woodwork and painting, Matthew has had the time and space to develop his approach to making art and has explored letterpress printing, drawing, painting, sculpture, collage and most of all installation.

Matthew’s work is mostly abstract but always references roads, bridges, maps, numbers and words. Unlike a lot of other artists’ work, his sculptures and installations are always changing and moving and becoming something new. The exhibition which will be part of BEYOND Festival 2018 will showcase the art that Matthew has created over the last year and video footage will offer a glimpse into the way he works, to give an insight into how these artworks come to life. To take a look at where D3MW have been and what they have been doing throughout the project, look at their instagram profile: project_d3mw.

You can see Matthew’s exhibition, Thought Maps, at Studio 24 from 16th-20th July.  Click here for details.