Questions questions

On 20th July we’ll be hosting a symposium at Studio 24 to discuss the issues and barriers that exist for artists with learning disabilities, and what we might be able to do together to overcome those barriers.  The questions we’ll be asking are:

Question1: What are the barriers holding back learning disabled artists from being out in the mainstream more?

Question 2: How can we use our influence to create more opportunities in venues, and what are the problems that are stopping the venues?

Question 3: Are learning disabled artists and organisations really included in the debates around diversity or are we just clumped together when people talk about about disability but not as valued as much as physically disabled artists are?

Question 4: How can we create change more quickly?

You can contribute to the discussion in advance of the symposium by chatting to us on facebook or twitter and book your free symposium tickets by clicking here.  (These links will all open in a new window.)