Artist Profile: Howard Haigh

Howard Haigh

Tell us about the work you’ve done for BEYOND
My work is making a model out of pottery, out of clay. I tried to make a church, I done one church out of clay. I did a big one, it’s too big. I do a tiny little bit, do church again, small church, then do the rest of it, and then join it together.

What is the church part of?
Leeds, Leeds ‘round here. A model of Leeds. Made a model of my house out of matchsticks, then another house out of matchsticks. I tried to do it with matchsticks to see if that works, it doesn’t.

Do you think of yourself as an artist?
Yes, I’m getting better and I’ve been getting good at it.

Anything else you want to say about your work?
It’s good! I have to try, but it’s good. I keep working on it and get better and better. Keep building more models, keep it going.

You can see Howard’s exhibition, Model City, in Room 700 at Leeds Central Library from 5th-21st July.  Click here for details.