Artist Profile: Adam Cox

Adam Cox

Tell us about your art
I drawed a whale, another whale. And another whale. And dolphin, and lion, and octopus, and tortoise. That’s a spider. That’s a lizard. Dolphin. And a whale. And a dog. And a bird. And a dog. Elephant. And kangaroo, and octopus. And antelope. And erm, and a kangaroo. A giraffe. And another giraffe. And crab. And leopard. And another leopard, and a lizard. I use pen, I use a pencil, make the lines thicker. Started doing shading. Like the animals to look mean, sharp teeth, sharp claws, making spikes.

Do you always draw animals?

Do you ever make up monsters or imaginary animals?
Yes, yes. And different ones. Made up people.

How do you feel when you’re doing your art?
Happy. I’d say happy. I am an artist and I like to draw.

Adam’s exhibition, Creatures, is on at Studio 24 from 16th – 20th July.  Click here for details.