Artist Profile: Andrew Towse

Andrew Towse

What kind of artwork do you like to do?
Pyramid of Arts. Pictures of people. Work. Picture, photo.

How do you make your photo-collages?
Put the picture onto the paper, cut, and glue it on. And shadow.

What kinds of things have you made collages about?
Animals; Skegness Zoo; planes, airport; Pyramid of Arts all together; more planes, army planes; Skegness people; race car; more animal; live [music]; Leeds Rhinos; food; trains.

What is the big project you have been working on for BEYOND?
Sausage. Picture, sausage. Red, yellow, blue. A map of cafés. A box. Sausage. Box, square, inside picture on it, sausage.

Is this your favourite project?
Yes, I like sausage.

When did you first start doing art and photography?
School. Painting. I did a picture of a camera and a hand, shadow. Black and white.

Do you think your art has developed since then?
Yes. Laptop. Photoshop.

You’ve given talks about your work in Hull and Manchester, how did you find that?

Andrew’s project, The Sausage Atlas, will be exhibited in Leeds Kirkgate Market event space from 5th-22nd July.  Click here for details.