Artist Profile: Jem Clancy

Jem Clancy

My name is Jem and I have been living in Leeds for the last two and a half years. I am a dance artist and my work is typically bold, colourful and immersive. I really enjoy working in multiple mediums, with visual art and film forming important features in my  choreography. Currently, I am really interested in using dance to communicate thoughts, feelings and experiences of those who are marginalised or otherwise overlooked in our society.

Communication in general fascinates me and I enjoy creating choreography that addresses emotions, which cannot always sufficiently be shared in words. I am passionate about making dance accessible and I really enjoy teaching and the process of creative¬† collaboration. It never ceases to amaze me how much there is to learn through dance and I strive to make positive change through my work, whether I am a teacher, student, creator or performer. I am so excited to have been awarded a commission for this year’s BEYOND festival and incredibly grateful for the opportunity.

You can see ]em’s work at BEYOND @ Kirkgate Market on 14th July and at Northern Ballet on 11th July (evening), 12th July (afternoon) and 12th July (evening).